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Promoting Positive Intimacy and Sexuality Including Responsible Nonmonogamy or Poly
amory as a legitimate CHOICE for Christians and others / Exposing false traditions of sexual repression that have no biblical basis.  Promoting Intimacy & Other-Centered, Loving Sexuality
Sybian for Maximum G-spot orgasms for women's pleasure and therapy

000 people worldwide subscribed to our quarterly newsletter prior to this site being created in 1997. As of December 1999 as many as 2500 different people (different IP address) were coming here daily.   As of 1/1/05 site was averaging over 3000 different visitors a day. We no longer have a newsletter just updates to this site.
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Why Is There So Much Interest In Sex, And Lots Of "Cheating" In Our Culture?
Whether you are Christian or not, our culture has been influenced by a sexually repressive Christian tradition that denies the God-given natural desire to connect emotionally and sexually with more than one person, which is the essence of polyamory. The repression of both sexual experience and knowledge results in a society titillated by the tease of sex, but with little intimacy skills or sexual knowledge. "Cheating" is common since many people can't be honest about their desires. Responsible non-monogamy or polyamory fulfills this need with dignity and honesty in our relationships. Our culture teaches us to be jealous of such openness and somehow we have a twisted notion that love is somehow proven by monogamy.

Doesn't The Bible Teach That Sex Belongs Only In Monogamous Marriage?
Take out your Bible and show us where! Traditional Christian teaching wants you to believe this. But if you search the scriptures and understand the original Hebrew/Greek texts, the history of biblical interpretation and the influence of non-Christian thought on Christian tradition, you will discover you have been sold a lie all these years. We will provide you the historical background and share from scripture what was really taught by God and Christ. We suggest that responsible non-monogamy, loving intimacy and other-centered sexual pleasure sharing is much more in line with Christ's teaching that love is the greatest commandment than the repressive traditional teachings which make rules based on false foundations.


To share a large amount of research we have accumulated and written over the years about The Bible & Sex, Responsible Nonmonogamy, Loving Intimacy, Swinging, Sex Education, AIDS, Sybian, Nudity, Tantra/Tao and other more controversial topics, such as homosexuality and abortion.

We believe that many Christians and non-Christians have misunderstood the Christian message and Christian spirituality because of the distorted views of sexuality and intimate relationships that have been taught by the church. We believe that a fuller spirituality in every area can be enjoyed by replacing these views with healthier ones based on clearer biblical translation and interpretation. We also believe that we can lead emotionally and spiritually healthier lives through better sex education and the open discussion of alternative relationship styles and other vital issues of sex and intimacy that trouble Christians and others in our society.

Dave and Bill's presentations at many national couples' conventions and in other forums and the success of the Liberated Christians newsletter have resulted in a large number of people wanting to network and share more information. Our newsletter subscription list grew to over 3000 before being replaced by this web site.

We hope the Cyber Center can be a Cyber Support and Fellowship Center as well as just a place to share information. We invite your participation in our interactive Bulletin Board Forum to share your ideas and experiences as well as biblical, spiritual and practical concerns.

Healing & Liberation

Goals Of Liberated Christians & How We Are Different from a "Swing Club" HOW TO BE AN EDENIST by Bert Clanton.  This wonderfully reflects our views of adult relationships

The Delphi Forum is very active with folks discussing ideas.

Our Phoenix Couples Fellowship Group was very active from 1995 through 1997. Over 350 people attended the required 3-hour intro, and most continued for a series of meaningful workshops and great parties. We hope to resume this group once Dave finds a prime relationship to help him in the leadership.  NOTE THERE ARE NO OTHER LIBERATED CHRISTIAN GROUPS ANYWHERE.  We get so many E-mails asking about a group in a local area.  Sadly there are none.  We would welcome others to form but need some strong leadership couples with large enough home who will need to do all the work required on a local level.


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City of Phoenix Wins Long Battle Against Swing Club
Club Chameleon Closed owners faced prison and fines
The Religious Right Sadly Wins The Fight against Swing Clubs
Other clubs could be charged for same violations in clever way after long Court Fights

Loving touch, sensual and sexual is a fundamental need of all humans.
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6/16/07 With Sadness I share that Dr. Stan Dale died last week See Link for lots more about Stan Dale

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